AVX Tantalum Capacitor

AVX Tantalum Capacitor

AVX Tantalum Capacitor

Product ID: TAJB106K016RNJ

The AVX tantalum capacitor (SMD, TAJ Series, Standard-type, RoHS Compliant, 10uF, 16V, B Case, ±10%) we provide has 10uF capacitance with 16V rated voltage, and the capacitance tolerance is around 10%. The operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C, and we provide tantalum SMD, chip, solid chip and standard surface mount capacitor for various demands. The AVX tantalum capacitor is used for circuits which demand high stability in the capacitance values, so the CV range is at 0.10-2200μF / 2.5-50V.

The standard TAJ series type is suitable for surface-mounted device, and the case code we provide is B case. Besides, every electronic component of ours has RoHS compliant for your safety concerns. The general purpose for our product is SMT series. If you are interested in the AVX tantalum capacitor, we have sufficient mass stock for the capacitors. We provide 2,000 units / reel for each pack, and low profile option is available as well.

With an abundant amount of inventory and stable goods source, we offer numerous supply projects, including auxiliary service, long-term stable supply and immediate dealing of shortage and urgency. If you have any problem about our AVX Tantalum Capacitor or other products, please feel free to inquire our electronic components today!

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• Capacitance: 10uF
• Rated Voltage: 16V
• SMD Tantalum Capacitor Mass Stock 
• Case Code: B Case  
• Capacitance Tolerance: ±10%
• Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
• Brand Name: AVX
• Standard , TAJ Series
• Mounting Type: SMD(Surface-Mounted Device) 
• Packing: 2,000 units / reel
• We supply various electronic components and welcome your inquiries

• Lead-free Type
• RoHS Compliant
• General purpose SMT chip tantalum series
• 6 case sizes available
• Low profile options available
• CV range: 0.10-2200μF / 2.5-50V

Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: 2,000 units / reel
  • FOB: Taiwan
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